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Property details
Have you found a property yet?
When do you intend to buy?
Please be aware that it usually takes 6-8 weeks to complete a mortgage - for more information on conditions and timelines go to our pre-approval page "link".
Are you buying in Spain or Portugal?
Is the property on rustic or urban land?
Rustic land properties are usually on old agricultural land with a non-tarmac road leading to it's entrance. Urban land properties are apartments, town houses or villas in the countryside but with a tarmac road leading to it and usually with street lights and pavements.
Purpose of property
Price (or estimated price) of property (€)
Mortgage required (€)
Term required (years) or monthly budget (€)
Types of rate preferred?  Variable rate Fixed rate Both
Do you have the cash to cover the deposit plus the fees and taxes (12-15%)?  Yes No
Other property, mortgage or financial arrangements in Spain or Portugal (please give details)


Personal details 1st Applicant 2nd Applicant
Full name
Date of birth

Marital status
If married and you do not wish to include your partner's details, please explain why in the comments box below.
Number of dependent children
Resident country for tax purposes
Preferred contact number


Income details 1st Applicant 2nd Applicant
Employment status
Please check which documents are required for self-employed applicant.
Time with current employer / in self-employment / in retirement
Net basic monthly income (after tax)
Do you have any additional income?  Yes No


 Yes No



Debts and expenses 1st Applicant 2nd Applicant
Monthly worldwide debt payments
 No debts

 Personal loans

 Credit cards - amount and balance if not paid off each month

 Car finance


 No debts

 Personal loans
 Credit cards - amount and balance if not paid off each month

 Car finance


Any monthly payments for non-debt related expenses
Credit history


Assets and investment 1st Applicant 2nd Applicant
Do you own any properties worldwide (including properties in your own country and your main residence)?

You can add maximum of 20 properties by clicking the "add new property" button.
Please click on "Property details" and give the details for each property that you own.
What liquid assets do you have in total (cash, shares, managed funds etc)?


Additional services and other 1st Applicant 2nd Applicant
Have you approached any banks so far?  Yes No
Would you like us to recommend a lawyer?
Do you require a foreign exchange service (to save money on your foreign exchange transfers)?
Do you require a Spanish bank account?
Do you require a financial adviser to go through the financial & tax implications of living or owning a property in spain?  Yes - Investments Yes - Tax planning Yes - Retirement Yes - Life/Medical insurance Yes - Car insurance No
How did you find us?
Please provide any additional information here to support your application
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