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Why us?

Major banks tell us we are their leading introducer of mortgage business in terms of the quantity and quality of client profiles we submit – we are the leading independent mortgage broker in Spain. The number of our clients defaulting on their mortgages is very low compared to other introducers. For these reasons, our clients are given priority treatment and offered better conditions.


We have direct lines of communication with members of the board of directors at several of the largest banks and have been invited to discuss market trends and offer our opinions on what products should be offered to clients for the lenders to gain a competitive edge over their rivals. This involvement has allowed us to negotiate the best conditions for our clients that are not available to clients who visit branches independently or who are referred to banks by other mortgage brokers or estate agents.


Please read our Testimonials page for a selection of client feedback on our service standards. We also offer the following:

Fully independent advice

We can offer you products from all the leading banks in Spain (including all international banks) and will endeavour to find the right mortgage product for you from the most suitable lender. We are not tied to any particular bank and we often apply to several banks simultaneously to achieve the best conditions. We work with many different collaborators in the industry (estate agents, lawyers, foreign exchange specialists, building surveyors, etc.) whilst remaining fully independent and adhering to the strictest rules on client confidentiality.

Money Back Guarantee

If you decide to proceed with a formal application following receipt of a mortgage proposal, we will ask you to pay an Administration Fee of €495. This fee comes with a money back guarantee, so if our recommended bank declines the mortgage and we are unable to find a suitable alternative product, we refund this fee (please refer to our Terms and Conditions).

We are an SL company based in Spain

We are an SL company based in Spain. This gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors who are not based here, one being that some banks will only deal with mortgage brokers/intermediaries who are SL registered. We know the Spanish banking procedures inside out and we have regular meetings with bank representatives at the highest levels. In addition, the fact we are based on the mainland actually gives us better access to head offices in Barcelona and Madrid and we have found that this gives an additional advantage when dealing with mortgages for the islands (the Balearics and the Canaries). We can offer conditions that are not available locally or via regional credit committees.

Initial advice with no obligation

There is no initial charge for simply discussing your situation with us. Most enquiries will lead to us sending a mortgage quote outlining a potential mortgage for you. If you decide not to proceed after receipt of this quote, there is still no fee to pay.

Quotes within 48 hours

From the initial enquiry, we aim to issue a mortgage proposal within 48 hours. All information you provide will be treated as strictly private and confidential. Our aim is to provide you with a fast and efficient service from start to finish. In Spain, this is largely dependent on the quality of contacts within the banks and this an area in which we excel.

Professionally qualified advisers

Mortgage Direct has mortgage advisers that are fully qualified at FPC and MAQ. They are members of the Chartered Insurance Institute and Personal Finance Society, which is a compulsory examination for UK-based mortgage advisers to act on behalf of clients.
Although we cannot subscribe to the UK Mortgage Code here in Spain, we do still adhere to the principles of this code, as we believe in conducting business in a professional manner and being held accountable for our advice.
Several major banks have commented that we are the only company that has advisers who are qualified to advise in both the UK and Spain. With one of the largest banks in Spain, this has resulted in us being one of only a handful of officially recognised collaborators.

Competitive charges

Our fees are very competitive and we monitor our competitors’ fees continuously to ensure they remain so. We charge a fee at the outset, which the banks prefer as they know that our clients are serious when they receive their applications. We also have a Money Back Guarantee, as explained above. We believe we offer the best quality advice and the lowest charges.

Additional recommendations

We assist you with the mortgage process from start to finish and we work closely with other advisers you appoint to help you with your property purchase. Naturally, over time we have built up an extensive network of trusted collaborators. We have a tried and tested panel of reputable lawyers, foreign exchange contacts, independent financial advisers and structural surveyors who we can recommend if you wish to build a quality team of professional advisers to deal with the relevant aspects of your purchase. In our view, the team you appoint is crucial to ensuring the process is as smooth as it can be and any issues that arise are overcome quickly and efficiently.

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