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Spanish mortgage calculators

Calculate your Spanish mortgage eligibility including your Debt To Income (DTI) ratio, which is used by the banks to determine whether you will be eligible for a mortgage in Spain.

Mortgage lenders in Spain typically require that your DTI is a maximum of 35-40% which must include the new Spanish mortgage payment. They will look at your monthly net income and monthly debts (including any significant expenses such as rental payments).

Self-employed? Please give your net profit after tax (divided by 12).
Important The following three dropdowns are designed to be used multiple times. Each time you make a new selction, we will provide a new box for the totals. Don't worry, they can also be deleted if you make a mistake. Please use these boxes as many times as required....
Please note: Maximum term is to age 75 (or 67 if a suitable pension isn't in place), even if you intend on working past age 67.

Calculate your Spanish mortgage repayments

A simple calculator for converting currencies, rates are updated hourly.