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Bridging finance

Short-term bridging finance is not as accessible in Spain as it might be in other countries, especially when there is a need to access funds within a very short space of time. Due to recent mortgage legislation, Bridging Finance is currently available for companies, if there is a commercial need for the funding and you are able to move an asset into a company.

Mortgage Direct can help you arrange Bridging Finance throughout Spain for amounts in excess of €500,000 for loan terms of up to 36 months and up to 65% LTV. Interest rates are available from 0.70% pcm and different sectors are considered. One of the main benefits is that no capital repayment is required and interest can be paid either monthly, yearly or rolled up to maturity.

We work closely with multiple short-term bridging lenders based both in Spain and abroad. We are therefore able to move very quickly with our lenders to ensure financing can be in place very quickly, and in some cases within 3 weeks.

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