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A day in the life of a Mortgage Consultant and why I love what I do.

I’m introduced to new clients every day and I’m thoroughly honoured to be part of their exciting plans to purchase a property.

I always start with an initial informal consultation to best understand the client’s bespoke needs so I can work at providing the best opportunities available. I onboard their enquiry in this initial conversation. 

The simplest of profiles to process are those with clear employment history, buying a first holiday home.

Given our marketplace, a majority of the time our clients are entrepreneurs, with multiple businesses, rental properties, investment income and low DGA income asking for a substantial mortgage. There can be lots of moving parts which makes the hunt for a suitable offer interesting.

After fully understanding the client’s requirements and reviewing my extensive portfolio of current mortgage offer agreements I’m able to advise and present some incredible options and solutions for their plans. It’s rare at this stage that we don’t sign the client up and get the wheels in motion.

There can occasionally be challenges when documents are provided that don’t match the original picture we were presented with by the client but nonetheless we are committed to getting their formal offer in place and at this stage I am determined to make it happen. 

Proving as much income as possible can save the operation. There is a strong desire from the client to buy so there is a lot at stake. Due to my personal wealth of vital contacts within the banks with which I work I’m able to act fast and guarantee a fitting mortgage offer comes together.

I never fail to glow with pride when one of my client’s mortgage approvals comes through from the risk department. I get a strong sense of job satisfaction from knowing I’ve helped navigate the client’s application though some challenging obstacles and on to purchase the property of their dreams where they will surely make many happy lifelong memories.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time but especially when you feel a client’s application could be challenging. Your clients will thank you that you did!

Maaike Van Ruitenbeek Mortgage Adviser

Maaike holds a Bachelor degree in Business Economics and has a corporate background in finance and marketing. She previously worked for a well-known international company in the Netherlands and fulfilled a leading role in client acquisition and retention marketing. She has a strong understanding of client needs which helps to give clients tailor-made advice on their mortgage needs. She is originally from the Netherlands and is fluent in Dutch and English and studying German and Spanish.

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Mortgages taken out in currencies other than the currency in which you earn are considered Foreign Currency Mortgages. Changes in the exchange rate may therefore increase the equivalent value of your debt. Under the Mortgage Law 5/2019 banks in Spain have introduced mechanisms to protect consumers from exchange-rate risk. For more information, please speak to your broker.

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