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High net worth mortgages

At Mortgage Direct we have been arranging mortgage finance for High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) clients since 2006. Our company is based in Spain and we have an unrivalled network of contacts with lenders operating in this market here, including high street and private banks. We also work with all the active lenders from outside Spain, including private banks in Switzerland and Luxembourg and boutique lenders from other European countries. 

Over the years, we have found that High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth buyers nearly always prefer to borrow from a Spanish high street bank, where possible, as opposed to lenders from outside Spain. The main reason for this is that they are not required to place assets under management (AUM), but instead can borrow solely against the property they are buying. 

Spanish mortgage qualification for credit intermediaries

One of our key advantages is that our advisers hold the Spanish mortgage qualification for credit intermediaries, which is key to allowing us to fully engage with Spanish lenders during the application process and negotiate the very best conditions for our clients. Without this qualification, intermediaries can only introduce clients and then, by law, are not permitted to engage any further in the process. We now receive enquiries from international brokers based outside Spain asking us to assist their clients looking for advice on mortgages from Spanish lenders, which of course we are pleased to do.

Being in a position to offer the full range of options for purchasing here in Spain gives us a competitive advantage. Our long history of working with the Spanish banks, fluency in the language and track record of introducing the best quality clients, has earned us a reputation as the leading broker based in Spain.

Not only do we have the best banking contacts, all around Spain, we also have excellent contacts with valuation companies, law firms, tax specialists and other essential players in the luxury property sector. We give our clients access to these companies and individuals, who along with Mortgage Direct can make all the difference. 

Our HNW/UHNW team is headed up by Kevin Monger and Howard Steel. Both Kevin and Howard have had long careers in financial services and are highly knowledgeable when it comes to assessing High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth client profiles, showing an instinct for which lenders will offer the best terms and the experience to present the profiles in a way that lenders understand. 

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