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Documentation required

The documents required for a mortgage application will vary from bank to bank. Most will not require all the mortgage documents listed below, however for completeness we have included a comprehensive list of what banks could theoretically ask for. If we have a specific bank in mind for your application we will send you a copy of the bank’s own checklist or an e-mail confirming exactly what is required, so we recommend that you wait for us to do this before starting to prepare your documents for the application.

Documents required for all applicants

  • Solicitors details (name, e-mail address and telephone number)
  • Purchase or reservation contract
  • Details of any significant non-debt related payments, such as private school fees,
    alimony (maintenance) payments or rental payments (marking bank statements clearly to highlight these is very helpful)
  • Full UK credit report (for UK applicants go to and download the full Experian report in PDF format) or the equivalent for your home country, where available
  • NIE number (if you already have it)
  • Bank statement(s) showing the savings to be used for the deposit, fees and taxes (plus any other assets you can prove to strengthen your case, even if not to be used for the purchase e.g., managed funds, share portfolios etc)
  • Signed copy of Mortgage Direct’s Terms and Conditions
  • Estate agents details (name, e-mail address and telephone number)
  • Current Nota Simple plus a web-link to the property
  • Completed application form(s)

Sometimes required

  • Details of other loans or debts in Spain, including bank receipts for last 3 payments where appropriate
  • Bank reference letter, confirming the length of the relationship with the bank and that the accounts are maintained satisfactorily
  • Latest annual mortgage statement for any properties you may own
  • Latest 3 bank receipt slips for mortgages (if appropriate) on any properties already owned in Spain
  • Utility bill (gas, electric or water) proving residence at current home address
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