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Why its important to introduce Mortgage Direct at an early stage of the clients purchasing Journey?

Benefits for the clients

  • Accelerated your clients buying power. In just 2 to 3 weeks we can have an approval on the personal profile empowering clients to offer confidently when out viewing properties and gives you upper hand of introducing strong and solid offers forward to owners that are less likely crumble.
  • Build report. Early introductions gives your buyers time to familiarise themselves with our service, brand and build rapport with me.
  • Smooth running of their buying process. By getting your clients financial ducks in a row and organising necessary paperwork for applications early on will help you avoid delays later in the process. A majority of the delays we experience is from clients not having their documents ready. On average it takes 8 to 10 weeks from clients have their file ready. For clients that can’t buy without a mortgage it is crucial they know they are eligible for the mortgage before they do any down payments.
  • Position your mortgage buyer’s offers to be as appealing to vendors as other cash buyers.There are a lot of cash buyers – shortening the lead time until signing at the notary compared to other buyers give you an advantage.

  • Secure your introduction fee. By introducing your network of buyers at the early stage you are securing your referral fee even if another agent hands the sale.

  • Smooth sale navigation. Ensuring funds are in place early pays forward and avoids delays later in the process.

Benefits for the collaborating Agents

  • Present your mortgage needing clients in the best light to your vendors. When presenting offers and introduction the profile of your buyers to your vendors its important you present the client in the best possible light. By introducing Mortgage Direct earlier and organising the finer details you can confidently present your buyers offer as a strong one and a sure thing!

Thank you for all introductions made and the ones to come!

Maaike Van Ruitenbeek Mortgage Adviser

Maaike holds a Bachelor degree in Business Economics and has a corporate background in finance and marketing. She previously worked for a well-known international company in the Netherlands and fulfilled a leading role in client acquisition and retention marketing. She has a strong understanding of client needs which helps to give clients tailor-made advice on their mortgage needs. She is originally from the Netherlands and is fluent in Dutch and English and studying German and Spanish.

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Mortgages taken out in currencies other than the currency in which you earn are considered Foreign Currency Mortgages. Changes in the exchange rate may therefore increase the equivalent value of your debt. Under the Mortgage Law 5/2019 banks in Spain have introduced mechanisms to protect consumers from exchange-rate risk. For more information, please speak to your broker.

Mortgage Direct, S.L. is a company registered in the Registro de Intermediarios de Crédito Inmobiliario del BdE with the nº D108.

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