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Investing in Real Estate in Portugal in 2024

Portugal’s real estate market is becoming very attractive to global investors in recent years, given its stability and potential growth. Lisbon, Porto or the Algarve region are areas of great interest that have experienced an increase in property values. This translates into the attraction of international buyers looking for profitable investments.

Real Estate market scenario in Portugal

Excellent real estate market

The Portuguese real estate market has demonstrated excellent performance despite global economic challenges. The commercial investment sector has surpassed previous records with 80% of investment volume coming from international investors. On the other hand, the residential market has also experienced all-time highs in property sales and values.

Record in real estate sales

This year is expected to be historic for the Portuguese real estate market, reaching an estimated sales volume of 30,000 to 31,000 million euros with around 168,000 properties sold. This increase in sales highlights the strong demand from local and international investors, highlighting Portugal’s attractivenes around the world.

A Comprehensive Guide to Investing in Portuguese Real Estate

Investment Process in Portugal

Investing in Portuguese real estate involves the following steps: property search, legal due diligence, and navigating the transaction process. Portugal’s comparatively lower property prices than other Western European countries, make it an appealing investment option.

Financing and Accessibility in Portugal

Portugal offers historically low mortgage credit interest rates, making property purchases more accessible to investors. The recent introduction of direct flights from the United States to Faro Airport is likely to enhance American investment and tourism in the Algarve.

Prospects for 2024 and American investment in Portugal

New investment opportunities in Lisbon and Porto

Anticipating future needs, new housing projects are expected to be launched in Lisbon and Porto, offering attractive investment opportunities due to competitive prices and constant demand.

Increase in US investment in Portugal

Recent years have seen a significant increase in US investment in Portugal, indicating Portugal’s growing status as a prime location for international real estate investment.

In-depth analysis and information of the real estate market in Portugal

Real Estate Investment in Portugal

The Portuguese real estate market offers many investment opportunities, including residential, commercial and luxury properties. Luxury residential sectors in the Algarve and Porto have gained popularity among high-net-worth individuals.

Demographic changes and buyer profiles

The market is experiencing a demographic shift of buyers, with growing interest from young investors and digital nomads attracted by the country’s lifestyle, climate and digital infrastructure.

Rental market dynamics

Portugal presents unique opportunities in the rental market, especially in urban centers where demand for short and long-term rentals remains high. This is partly due to the country’s growing popularity as a tourist destination and its appeal to expatriates and remote workers.

Sustainable and green investments

The Portuguese real estate market presents a growing trend towards sustainable and green investments. New projects incorporate sustainability criteria and investors are showing interest in properties that align with environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

Economic indicators and market stability

The Portuguese economy has shown strong growth driven by a rebound in tourism and increased service exports, which has positively influenced the real estate market. However, challenges such as global supply chain disruptions and energy market fluctuations have impacted economic stability and growth prospects.

The Portuguese Real Estate Market in 2024: An Exceptional Investment Opportunity

Portugal is presented as a solid, dynamic and attractive destination for those looking for an investment opportunity in the real estate market. The combination of an extensive property portfolio, favorable investment conditions and a growing market, together with Portugal’s unique lifestyle and extensive cultural offering, make this country an ideal choice for those looking to take advantage of real estate opportunities in Europe.

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Sérgio Fagundes Mortgage Adviser (Portugal)

Born in Germany and raised in Portugal, Sérgio has more than 20 years' experience in diverse areas of the Portuguese financial world. Now a qualified mortgage broker in Portugal, he can expertly guide you to the right mortgage product. Sérgio lives in the Algarve, speaks English, German and is fluent in Portuguese.

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